Domestic westbound redeye flights

While there are quite a few eastbound domestic redeye flights within the USA, westbound domestic redeyes are very rare indeed. Here are the ones I’ve been able to find so far:

  • Alaska Airlines departing LAS around 11:55pm and arriving ANC around 4:22am
  • Alaska Airlines departing LAX around 11:55pm and arriving ANC around 4:35am
  • American Airlines departing SJU around 2:30am arriving DFW around 5:59am (a roughtly 5.5 hour red eye westward flight)
  • Hawaiian Airlines departing LAS around 1:50am arriving HNL around 5:00am

I very much wish there was a late night east coast departure arriving on the west coast in the morning as that is one I would love to take. Whenever I fly back west from the eastern US the flights seem very long and I would much prefer to be able to sleep that time away.  If you are aware of other westward red eyes which are entirely within the United States please leave a comment so others can be aware of them as well.  Thanks!

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