Overnight flights

There are many advantages to taking a red eye flight when traveling. By departing late at night, there typically aren’t lines at the airport. By sleeping on the plane ride, the flight seems to go by faster. Also, since red eye flights arrive early in the morning at the destination, travelers get a whole day there. Red eye flights can also save on the hotel stay length at the destination city. The red eyes are often less crowded than trips made during the day time. And, such overnight flights tend to be cheaper than flights taken during daylight hours.

This site is designed to help visitors determine if direct, red eye flights might be flown to their destination from their origination airport. And if such a flight has been available, roughly what times does it depart and arrive.

To navigate this red eye direct site, an easy way is to click on your destination (to) city using the menu at the left. Then, select your originating city if shown. If the origin or destination airport isn’t shown, that means that there may not be domestic direct red eye flights between those two cities. There is also a search box which can be used.

Currently this site is focused on domestic travel within the USA.